Curtain Walling

Thermoglaze curtain walling is designed to deal with the requirements that enhance the living and working environment of a building.
We offer a range of aesthetic solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.
We know that our Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems provide you with a flexible approach to aluminium facade engineering.
Reassurance is designed from the first stroke of the pencil, and at Thermoglaze, this is exactly what you get.

Comar 6 EFT utilises European wide design and extrusion expertise with Comar’s market-leading supply, support and delivery. Comar 6 EFT delivers curtain walling with 50 mm standardised sight-lines with options for 4 sided structural glazing, 2 sided structural glazing with horizontal capping, concealed vents which maintain the slim 50 mm sight – lines.

Architects can get a custom-made solution with time-proven reassurance with Comar 6 EFT, and the design is flexible, offering performance beyond the capability of existing systems. The Comar 6 EFT 50 Curtain Walling Systems have been developed by experienced designers and are tested to the best European test institutes.

• Square cut or over-lapping transoms
• Suitable for inclined facades and roof glazing
• Suitable for high rise applications
• Unique cleating and bracket arrangement
• Drainage spouts ensure that water clears the facade maintaining year-on-year performance
• Full range of high deflection load profiles to meet the most demanding facades
• Highest Ix, Iy mullions and transoms on the market today
• Mullion drained
• Designed, tested and audited to CWCT standards & recommendations
• Comprehensive range of tie back brackets

Capped Curtain Walling

6EFT Curtain Walling enables the construction of sheer high-rise as well as sloped and inclined facades.
Thermally efficient with standardised 50mm profiles, custom-made profiles are available on request.

Concealed Vents

Top or side hung windows integrate directly into the curtain wall.
Concealed vents have no exterior sight-line which means that when closed the façade maintains the same slim sight-lines.

2-Sided Structural Glazing

Design flexibility increases with options for 2sided structural silicon glazing with vertical or horizontal sightlines.
A bespoke finish can be achieved by using a variety of cover-caps.
Thermally efficient dependent on the selection of vertical or horizontal lines the structurally glazed side is achieved with a 20mm EPDM joint seal.
This joint can also be made with a silicone sealant.
Both vertical and horizontal options use standard 50mm profiles.

4-Sided Structural Glazing

Comar 6EFT 4sided structural glazing creates cutting edge facades with no visible aluminium sightlines.
Thermally efficient the external discrete sight-line is created with a 20mm EPDM joint seal.
This joint can also be made from silicone sealant.

Stick Build Curtain Walling

Regarded as fast-track installation on site and in the factory.
Transoms are stepped.
The curtain wall is assembled on site, usually from the centre out, mullion first then transoms are front-loaded to form the curtain wall.
The pressure on a step cut curtain wall is the same on the inside as the outside, known as pressure equalised.
Water, therefore, drains freely and is a true mullion drained system.

Ladder Frame Curtain Walling

Ladder frame is assembled in the factory and transported to site in modules or ladder frames.
Step cut transoms are fixed to mullions, with optional brackets, with self-tapping screws.
Expansion mullions (split-mullions) are also available for expansion purposes or to offer a semi-unitised system reducing installation time.


Thermal Performance
Class 2.1 in accordance with DIN 4108 (2.0-2.8Wm2 K) or EN ISO 10077-1.
The thermal transmission (Uf) W/m2 K, is dependent on the insulator strip, calculated as per EN ISO 10077-1.
Comparable with class 2.1 DIN 4108 Table 3.

Weather Performance
Air Permeability – EN 12152 – Class AE 750
Water Tightness – EN 12154 – Class RE 750
Wind Resistance – EN 13116 2400 Pa design, 3600 Pa safety