Commerical Doors

We fabricate Comar’s full range of thermally and non-thermally broken commercial door systems.
Panic hardware and access control options available.

Comar 7 Doors
Comar 7P.i Thermally Broken Doorsets
Comar 7P.i CD Commercial Swing Door
Comar 7P.i ECO Rebated Door
Comar 9P.i Rebated Doors

Safety Anti-Finger Traps
In applications where safety concerns are paramount, our doors can be fitted with a range of anti-finger traps.
Anti-finger trap arrangements are achieved by specifying specially extruded single action door stile profiles and jamb liners.

For different levels of performance to suit the application, e.g. high weather performance or Disability Discrimination Act, we offer the following options:
•Non-drained Threshold – Single & double ramp low-rise
•Drained Threshold
•Rebated Threshold