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Does your door have 3 Star Security?

Doors are fundamental part of everyday life, from our homes to workplaces and everywhere in between. As the focal point to your home, it’s worth thinking about the protection your doors offer. When choosing a new door we think about the aesthetics that impact the overall look of your home, but may not bear in mind the choice of hardware that can influence that doors ability to protect you from intruders. It’s the same with existing doors, there comes a point where you maybe need to think about upgrading the door hardware to offer better protection and having the knowledge of what security to choose is important. 

In recent times there has been widely published concerns regarding the vulnerability of the everyday euro profile cylinder used to operate many locks in doors today. Unfortunately for many homeowners, potential intruders have many methods to manipulate a cylinder to gain access to a property; meaning they can quickly, quietly and simply bump/snap your handle and cylinder lock and walk into your home. With over 73% of burglars gaining entry through a poorly secured door, it’s worth considering security features when choosing or upgrading doors.

At the cornerstone of the UK’s hardware sector, ERA continues to drive the innovation that underpins home security. Over 175 years, we’ve invested in our expertise so we’ve always been in touch with the latest methods of protection and standards and in light of the issues around cylinder security, ERA have designed a range of security solutions to help you meet the new British Standards for doors and through our experts can give you the knowledge to make an informed decision for your home. 

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